Prachtvolle Fotografie und nobles Grafikdesign in Nürnberg

Ihre Fotografin auf Hochzeiten, Portrait-Fotografie, auf Reisen und Events in Nürnberg und Umgebung.
Als Grafikdesignerin ausgebildet und als Art Director tätig.

Based in Nürnberg, Germany. Working as a wedding photographer for five years. Specialized in raw portraits that show true value. Travelling the world to capture divine, intimate moments with my camera. Not only see, but feel the world around you.

Educated in an established advertising agency, well trained and experienced in print and web design. I love to create outstanding pieces of art with a premium finishing. Gold is always an option.

Hallo, ich bin Eva.

Wer ich bin

Warum ich nicht anders kann als kreativ zu leben, neue Dinge zu erschaffen und was ich liebe – finde mehr darüber heraus!

Das Neueste


Do you remember the last time you sat down and actually felt a wave of exhaustion coming over you? REST somehow gets linked to a weird mixture of feelings, including confusion. The challenge of doing NOTHING brings me to the question: Am I a human doing or a human BEING? I have been used to working […]

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