20. Januar 2016

Do you remember the last time you sat down and actually felt a wave of exhaustion coming over you? REST somehow gets linked to a weird mixture of feelings, including confusion. The challenge of doing NOTHING brings me to the question:

Am I a human doing or a human BEING?

I have been used to working full-time for a couple of years now, so stress in everyday life was normal. I define STRESS as the constant thought of the next thing to do or to achieve – not being able to simply dwell in the present moment and enjoy it. Which is killer if you’re an artist. Whose life essence consists in the beauty that surrounds your senses. And your senses only taste/smell/see/hear in that specific moment, very present tense.

With nothing, I don’t literally mean no thing at all. It’s just that there is merely no official task dictating my daily rhythm now. Which is precious, so so precious. Few people get to have this freedom, oh I know! Still, some questions come up:

  • Am I dependent on my circumstances?
  • Do I need a set frame to function properly in getting tasks done?
  • Should getting tasks done easily and quickly really be the main goal and define your so called „success“?
  • Am I waiting on input from the outside to get active or do I actively listen to the precious processes that are going on in my spirit?

I have found that contentment is ATTITUDE. Nobody dictates that, it is totally up to you. Your free choice. Your own heart condition. Your own playground, place of rest and running, both have their times. Wise people have found that heart connection to discern the times.

And that is a spectacular choice! It might not look spectacular in the first place, but it feels extraordinary, not necessarily comfortable. It might not be seen from the outside, but the processes on your inside will eventually be seen and people will recognize the significant changes during the times of your rest.

We need this kind of growth. You will look back and smile for you will see the beauty that comes out of it, how much closer you’ve come to your life purpose. Here’s to true peace and deep rest that bring healing. Listen to the whisper of that meek voice, saying „I have such a good purpose for you.“

Expect the spectacular in the ordinary.

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