Norway, you stunner!

Between fjords and a collective of artists

The story of Ålesund began a while ago when Sonja and I were doing research on our next travels. Which happens quite regularly because we have a world map in our kitchen and looove to talk about the world and everything. Since Sonja is totally obsessed with Scandinavia and I like it there too, we found out about Ålesund which is in the south-east of Norway. There, we found a collective of artists there that is not comparable to any community we found before. The way they live together is encouraging for each person and prophetic in the way they create masterpieces of art. They are professional photographers, passionate musicians, fine artists, dedicated dancers, … It is a base that offers creative Discipleship Training Schools where people are really cared for and invested not only into their arts but especially into their character and vision. We have already been there twice this year and there will be a next time, for sure!

I had the privilege of taking photos of two of my closest friends around the world famous Geiranger fjord. Enjoy and leave some love!

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