Generosity hipsters on their summer trip

How to have good vacation: Find some friends who are on the same page with you concerning food, fashion and vision, basically all the important stuff. 😉 Then book a flight to Lisbon and stay in a stylish product designer’s apartment. Rent a car and find the most breathtaking beach settings for a photoshoot. Always take papaya with you. Bring gold glitter and confetti bombs. Choose good restaurants on a daily basis for some pretty treats. Share. Laugh often. Find relief in a party of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Lisbon and be the DJ’s personal audience because nobody else is dancing. Bless taxi drivers from Paris to Lisbon with generous tips and call yourself generosity hipsters. Fall in love with all the pretty tiles on house walls all over Lisbon. Get a sunburn. Well, better don’t.

And then breathe · see the ocean · listen to the waves · look at these photos. And don’t forget to smile. Mission accomplished.

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